Will NSA pay the ultimate price for their crimes?

Other answer:

What crimes?

Google's Android tracks your location and uploads data about your activities without your consent. You opt in to these things by default with no mention of them unless you know they're there.

Facebook and Twitter are datamining services, selling information about people, connections, likes to companies who wish to use that information for their profit.

Heck, we've know that many web-mail services actually READ your mail! They'll deny it because you cannot prove they're doing it, but between getting notifications of people you might "know" based on current emails, to having ads become tailored to the content of your emails… it is only technicalities that a human isn't reading it instead of a machine.

The NSA were just following orders… are they really to blame? Or its our government that is currently in pieces and is in need of some serious rebuilding as it no longer reflects the principles that it was built on
Since you obviously think you know all the facts, why don't you tell us?
Nope, just one of the costs of a 'free' society….
Don'T Believe Your Brain:
Not if you ask the liberals

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