Will receiving foodstamps prohibit getting a loan to buy a home?

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Receiving food stamps would not prevent or disqualify you from the purchase of a house , however, if you are able to financially purchase a house it would put you in serious difficulty with your continuing to receive food stamps.

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Pascal the Gambler:
Probably, since you can't afford food, it's unlikely you'd be able to afford a home.
if you are poor enough to apply for foodstamps you don't have the income to qualify for a loan let alone the down payment you will need
R P:
If you cannot afford food and must rely on the taxpayers, you cannot afford to make a mortgage payment. Never mind the expense of maintaining a home.

If you get food stamps, how are you going to save for a down payment & closing costs?

Yes. If a person cannot afford to feed himself, how could he be approved
for a mortgage with monthly payments and property taxes plus,plus.
Dan B:
Not necessarily. It's usually your credit profile + your income (your financial resources to pay your debts). However, your financial resources might impact your ability to continue receiving food stamps (as they are for low-middle income families).
David and Stephanie:
Receiving food stamps does not automatically stop you from getting a mortgage. But generally speaking if your income is low enough to qualify for food stamps then your income is too low to qualify for a mortgage.
If you can't afford food, you certainly can't afford a mortgage
Receiving food stamps may indicate that the prospective homeowner's income is too low to be able to afford a mortgage, taxes, and insurance. The credit history may be poor as well.
Wayne Z:
Not directly.

However, to get a mortgage, you would have to prove that you have sufficient and stable income to be able to make the mortgage payment.