Will removing a credit source with almost no balance raise your score?

I added a new paypal credit and it lowered my credit score by a bit, and i know that s bc adding a new credit source averages out your credit and makes it "younger". and I only used it for one thing. But if i were to remove it would my credit go back to normal or stay the same?

Best Answer:

Catherine: No. It would lower the score even more. The damage is done. The best thing to do now is leave it alone and over time, the score will recover and having the account could even help the score become higher in the future.

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Jeff T:
I don't know if it will affect your score, but a closed account can't be used against you if you become a victim of identity theft.
It could go DOWN because now you have less credit available.. amazing as that sounds.. it does happen
No it would lower your score.
Nope, it would go down even more