Will Renters Insurance Cover A Meth Lab?

Hi, so I am building a meth lab in my apartment and was wondering if renters insurance will cover the cost if anything happens to it. I was also wondering if they would replace the cost of my supplies if they were to get damaged somehow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Angry Dad:
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Big Deal Maker:
NO! it is not covered. They will not cover anything as illegal as a Meth Lab. And also the DEA would like your address.
You would have to see if having a meth lab in a renal is legal in your state and city. If this is a legal activity in your state or city, then your renter insurance might cover the cost of any material and equipment.

If this is an illegal activity in your state and city, no insurance carrier would cover or pay for any illegal activity.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you,good luck.


….yes if the are not legal…..ask your state department of drugs……
Yes if you have these four things properly arranged
1) Your street pharmacist license
2) Your business licence.
3) Your rental agreement allows for having a business at the residence.
4) Your renters insurance has a provision for running a business at the residences.
Linda R:
NO because, a Meth Lab is ILLEGAL and NOT part of your personal belongings.
no, won't cover something illegal. Also won't cover your lost wages while you're in jail or your attorney's fees.
mia delight:
I checked with the florida renters insurance code and yes it covers it all.
As long as you have a legal license, which can be picked up at your local sheriffs office.

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