Will smashing cupcakes on my face impress that interviewer?

Other answer:

If you're in that line of work, fine, how many sitcoms feature the kitchen? Tons I can tell you, tons. Is the position offered for a Clown?
It may be just a tad inappropriate if the interview is for public services, hospitals, the law or politics or funeral directors, granted there are a lot of clowns in politics too.
If it is to cover up some embarrassing spots there are alternatives like maple syrup.
Good luck and best wishes
I am impressed. Let's have some pictures.
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I had an employer ask me to do something that surprised them in 10 seconds once, so yeah.
No, that would cause them to think you're an immature idiot who does not deserve employment.
So funny I forgot to laugh
You're hired!
are you under the mistaken impression that you're funny?

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