Will the British stock exchange really shut down on Elizabeth II death?

If reports are correct it would be very costly the economy


Best Answer:

Chris P: Assuming a national day of mourning is declared, then yes.

It won't damage the economy; the stock exchange already closes at weekends and other public holidays (New Years Day, Christmas, August Bank Holiday etc); and has closed unexpectedly for other reasons (eg. 7/7)

Update: You might want to find a more reliable and objective news source than the Mirror.

Other answer:

Chris P:
I'd not take much that's written in the Mirror as gospel. For starters. I'd imagine the Stock Exchange would close, but probably on the day of the Funeral only. 12 days of mourning? Unlikely, but I'm not totally sure about that. Life goes on – 'The Queen is dead – long live the King'.
Quite so, dear anonymous one. You see, even stocks and bonds have feelings and quite frankly, there is nothing more disheartening than the sight of a blubbering parcel of shares.
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Los Upstart:
Not a Chance, they will have to be "on duty" seeing what the rest of the worlds financial centres are doing.
The day of the State Funeral, all businesses and schools would be closed.
Maybe for a day, not longer.

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