Will the IRS look at my money when I put it in the bank sense in a minor?(illegally)?

Lets say you obtained a large amount of money not relationally (through drugs etc) and want to put it in the bank.
Will the IRS ask where all this money came from sense im a minor?
[UPDATE: I want to know how to deposite it without getting in trouble]

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Dylan: keep it under 10k and you should be ok

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SINCE … and what does illegally mean? It is not illegal for the IRS to look at your large deposit; nor is it illegal for you to make a large deposit. But where, why, and how are you getting almost $100,000 in green cash ? – so yes, some government agency will be looking at it. {Legitimate checks only get a passing glance.}
The IRS doesn't care as long as you pay taxes on your income. The DEA on the other hand will be interested if you made the money from say drugs.
Pascal the Gambler:
Deposits over 10K are reported, and yes, they will want to know where it came from. Your drug income is fully taxable.
Max Hoopla:
If you put $10,000 or more in cash in IRS will get notification. If you do it frequently they will get curious about why.
Kathy S:
"Since" not "sense". If you don't deposit more than $9000 at a time, probably not. But I wouldn't bet on it.
Linda R:
IRS only cares if you deposit $10,000 or more.
very possibly. But if you got it legally, will be easy enough to explain.and won't be any problem

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