Will working 25-30 hours a week while waiting for a disability claim affect my chances of getting approved?

i would still be making below the SGA. i need to make at least 900 a month to pay all my bills. but will working hours so high affect my chances of my claim?

Other answer:

The ability to work 25-30 hours a week makes a disability claim dubious.
your approval for disability will depend on the measure of your disability which obviously is not that limited if you can now work 25-30 hrs a week
if you are able to work your disability may not be enough to qualify you to receive any benefit
Yes, because to work while on disability requires authorization in the Ticket to Work program. You havent been approved. Yes, your ability to work will affect whether they decide in your favor and how much of a disabiity you have.
Cathi K:
If you are able to work then you don't need disability.

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