With online surveys,can you make decent money by doing multiple survey sites?

Can I make more money by doing multiple survey sites,not looking to be rich but to make decent money with surveys.If so where can I look,if not what can I do to make money online without any "I DO MEAN ANY" kind of experience or training please let me know.

Other answer:

LOL, no, but if you find out let me know! Most of the survey sites are really sites offering special "offers" like cd clubs, etc., all scams. Sorry. Check into mystery shopping – Shop n Chek and Maritz Research. But you won't make more than some extra spending money doing that either.
no – you probably won't even be the proper demographic for most of the surveys – I doubt you would make more than 19 cents per hour and they won't even pay you until you get to a certain dollar level of earnings

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