Worldwide Minimum wage? Will there ever be a worldwide minimum employee hourly wage? Are there discussions about it? What would be the?

pros and cons of doing this?

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Lou C. Ferr:
There are no "pro" reasons. If you want a good paying job you START by graduating from high school. 99% of the people working MW do not have a diploma. Fact is, should feel lucky they even have a job. Giving someone a minimum wage does not make them earn it. Fact is, the hard working people will be paying them through their taxes. It's welfare just for showing up at work. It's a very stupid idea.
Andy L:
Who decides the amount? How does one relate it to the cost of living, which widely varies everywhere?
What about the currency value variations?
Australia minimum wage is AU$17.70 per hour or AU$672.70 per 38 hour week (before tax). Casual employees covered by the national minimum wage also get at least a 25 per cent casual loading.
That is now US$12.75 per hour or 0.344 grams of gold per hour. About 11.3 days per ounce of gold.

Some think the raise in the minimum wage in India was a mistake as too high!…
unskilled non-agricultural workers to Rs 350 a day
In an 8 hour day that would be Rs 43.75 per hour
That is US$0.64 an hour 0.0174 grams of gold per hour. 233.4 days to earn one ounce of gold.

Sierra Leonean government threatens tough action over minimum wage defaulters…
Le500,000 per month. US$90.62 per month. Or about $0.55 per hour
It was a huge increase from before 2015 at only $4 a month.

Do we raise the wages or lower them to get to some global standard?
Basically an impossible task.

Donald B:
Probably not. In many countries of the world you could live like a king on $20,000 a year while in first world countries that would put you at the poverty level.
Absolutely NOT EVER happening.
Any one with half an education can figure out WHY.
D J:
Perhaps you should study economics first.

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