Would I need to pay taxes on this? If so what kind of taxes? And what kind of taxes would I have to pay?

I want to start an online business without Ecommerce and etsy, and wondering if I need to pay taxes without them.

Other answer:

Yes, you'll pay taxes on any money you make, after subtracting expenses. You will also need to pay those taxes as you go, every April, June, September, and January — then report them in April with your tax return. You'll also pay Social Security and self-employment taxes as well. Keep good records and books of all your earnings and expenses in case your are audited.
Wayne Z:

If you are profitable, you would have to pay income tax and self-employment tax as well as state income tax if your state has an income tax.

If you are selling a product, you would have collect sales taxes from customers in your home state and pay those taxes to the state if your state has a sales tax.

If your state has a business personal property tax, you would have to pay property taxes on all of your business equipment annually to your county/city.

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Insurance Pickle.com:
If you make money, that's income. You pay taxes on income. What kind? Income taxes.
Pascal the Gambler:
Income taxes and self employment taxes.
any income you make is reported on Sch C, if the net amount is more than $400 you will also use Sch SE to calculate your self employment tax
this income might not exceed your non taxable income meaning it might not incur income taxes
if you make less than $400 and have no other income you do not need to even report it
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If it's your only income and you make over $400 or the year, yes you must report it. If it's not your only income, or if you file a returrn for any reason, then you must report it even if it's less than $400.
Yes, you'll have to pay taxes. When in doubt, yes, you'll have to pay taxes.
Max Hoopla:
You would owe income and social security tax if the business was profitable.

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