Would it be profitable to employ a driver to drive my vehicle as an Uber driver? I plan to buy a vehicle maybe leasing. Regards?

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It's an interesting idea but I seriously doubt that the numbers would work out such that you would actually make any money after car cost, insurance, car expenses, gas, and payment to the driver. Insurance would a special problem in that you're paying someone to drive a car you own or lease. You would likely need some kind of commercial vehicle insurance and the driver would need a CDL.
Of course it wouldn't. The driver's wages would be more than any profit you made. Most Uber drivers are operating at the edge of profit.
of course not
and I don't believe Uber will accept you with a car lease
You wouldn't make much, if anything. And any driver worth their salt wouldn't need you.

Leasing is a terrible idea.

Lol that's a good idea, but idk if it would work

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