Would my parents get tax relief if i am 30 and living in their property?

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if you are living in their property if this means you are living in a house they own but do not live in, there is no tax advantage for them
if they are living in the property and you are a member of the household if you comply with all the requirements of a qualified relative they can clam your personal exemption
If your parents support you, and you have less than $4,050 in income, they can claim you as a dependent on their tax return. The value of housing provided you is considered support.
Property tax? Yes if they qualify and they are living there too, otherwise no.
Pascal the Gambler:
If you make under $4K for the year and live with them all year they can claim you as a dependent
Not unless you are disabled in some way and they are providing >50% of your cost of living.
No. As a matter of fact, they would get less, especially if they have a mortgage and do not reside there too.
Yeah if you pay rent, they can pay their taxes. otherwise no, you're just a freeloader.
if they support me, can they claim that?
Max Hoopla:
For what reason?

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