Would you kill yourself if you did this?

So I quit my job.

Lost 4k in the forex market.

Lost your last 1k in the stock market.

Now you can t pay any bills.

Would you kill your self?

Other answer:

Kiro Yakuza:
No, You invested in the stock market, and right now you re making the culminating mistake of being emotional over your investments. You could still take a leveraged fund in less volatile stocks and currency exchanges (but based on your provided investing history that would be a no go). How about instead, learn from this and invest in safer securities next time? If everything is looking so bearish for you and you ve got so much downward momentum in your stocks how about selling off the remainder and short selling the **** out of those stocks? I really doubt you lost every single last dollar of working capital you have. You only had 5k when you quit your job so you couldn t have been in the workforce that long. Go back to the workforce (go be a cashier or some ****) and restore your working capital (10$/hour mcdonalds for 8 hours for 2 weeks and look, you nearly got back the 1k of capital you lost in the stock market).

The stock market isn t supposed to be some conceited slot machine. You really should be investing in stable blue-chip stocks that pay dividends (monthly dividends could help cover rent better than quarterly or annually).

Honestly how did you lose every last penny in the stock market? Did you invest in some 2 dollar speculative stock that got delisted the very next day? Wake the **** up, your options are boundless you re not in a corner at all. Invest smarter, invest safer and go get your self a job. You ll be back on your feet before you know it.

Who cares:
I would pull my hair out, but no I wouldn't harm myself more than that.

You may benefit some perspective from my story:

I was and am an addicted gambler and active from age 21 until this year. I've lost over 200K in sports betting and poker and I lost 40,000 most recently in a matter of three weeks. One and a half weeks right before my wedding to my now wife who just thought I gambled casually. Feel any better?

I am in my mid-30s and I invest in the stock market now although I probably shouldn't given my history. But unless you are 85 years old and homeless, you have so much time to make up for what you've lost.
Hang the **** in there buddy.

Dude. It's not worth it. Really. Today, i am not afraid to admit I am working 2 jobs. I have no life, weekends as well. And studying during my free time. I lost a lot of money through ways similar to yours and today I'm starting a fresh. It's never too late.
I'm fortunate, my Sister, has stood by me and advised me through this journey, although she's just as broke as me as she's still studying full time. But I would like to pass th e love on to you, there are people who care, and go turn your life around Brother. You can just drop me a mail if you need anything.
Hell no, I would have just invested 5k in an education, and would move on, never to make the exact same mistake again. I would not have quit the job, though, unless I had another lined up. Recovering from this small level of debt doesn't take too long, with a job, and discipline.
How did you lose in the stock market? What happened with that. I'm considering killing myself soon if the stock market doesn't prove to be a good replacement for a job.
Rolf Golf:
I will just go to Japan or Korea or China and teach English… have fun in an exotic country and still make a decent living without needing any qualifications.
There is no reason to ever kill yourself. Life is priceless, you just learned a valuable lesson now move on.
Plenty of people are broke. They don't kill themselves.

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