Would you rather pay more taxes or less taxes?

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Mike: People only pay taxes because they want to live in a fair society that supports those unable to support themselves, and to benefit from services that protect society (like law, police, army, food regulation and so on) – no-one wants to pay more tax than they have to.

Other answer:

I''d rather pay more taxes. It indicates that I'm making a bigger income. What I'd really like is a government that is spending my tax money wisely.
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taxes are necessary because we as individuals are not able to provide the services on the scale required to keep us safe etc
I don't mind paying taxes for the necessities of operating a gov't but I don't like the waste and social payouts to people who won't work for their own benefit
Max Hoopla:
I'd rather pay less and have the government do more but you can't have both.
Liberals seem to want higher taxes, but not for themselves. They want higher taxes for others, so they can benefit from them. 47% of the people do not pay any income taxes, but benefit from them. And although government workers pay taxes, they consume more taxes than they pay.

For example John Kerry tried to register his yacht in a different state than his state of residence, so he would not have to pay sales tax for it. But he got caught.

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I think nobody likes pay taxes in the whole world, not only in the US!.. !o!

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Taxes computed using a formula…But it is linear…the more income the more taxes 🙁

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