Would you work as a disher 12$ a day, at age 27?

Other answer:

I make $11 an hour and I know many people who make much less than we do. For example, many office jobs in the area only pay $8-10 an hour and retail is minimum wage in most cases. What matters is what you want. Do not ever compare yourself to others. No matter who you are, what you do and what you have achieved, it will result in discontent if you care about others' opinions. A job is a job. If you want to do something else, look for another job in the meantime but you have nothing to be ashamed of. I have worked in food-service type of jobs which involved dishwashing as well. I've never felt like it made me inferior. Everybody hard-working needs appreciation. I would not care about anyone's opinion if I were you. Many people do jobs like that especially when they have young kids or as a second job or when they are in school because of flexible hours. Everybody I've worked with had great work ethic so don't let anyone's judgment get to you. People who make bad remarks must have a problem with themselves. Why would they feel the need to hurt others' feelings otherwise?
Okay, let me get you prepared to be the best dish washer in your state.

First, wear white dress shirts to work. WHY??? Because they might ask you to go out into the restaurant and pick up dishes and return to the kitchen. You will look splendid in your white shire and BLACK pants. You can buy these items at Sears or Pennys.

White Shirts and Black Pants.

Make sure you spray the dishes clean before going into the washing machine. When they come out of the washing machine take a dry CLEAN towel and inspect each and every dish. Make sure there is no food still on the dishes or glasses or cutlery.

CUTLERY is also called Flatware, Silverware, or SET UPS or KNIFE, FORK and SPOON.

You also want to check to see if lipstick is not on the edges of CUPS. Go online and Google how to clean glasses so they are sparkling clean. All your glasses must be sparkling clean.

Built-up film involves multiple layers of mineral deposits. To remove these, fill a sink with warm water and add two cups of white vinegar to the sink. Place the glasses into the warm water and vinegar and allow them to soak for 20 minutes. Rinse the glasses, and examine them for remaining deposits. Remember, that is WHITE VINEGAR. If your restaurant is too cheap to buy the white vinegar for you, go buy it yourself. Remember, we are making you the best dish washer in your state. Cleaning drinking glasses by hand is one of the best ways to keep them sparkling clean. First, run a sink of hot water and add just a few drops of dish soap to the water. Excessive amounts of soap can cause more streaking because the soap attracts more minerals and particles from the water. Gently wash the glassware with a sponge and rinse the glassware thoroughly. Rinsing is the most important part of the process. Allow the glassware to air dry upside down. You will probably be the very first dishwasher to produce sparkling clean glasses. But WINE glasses are the ones that must be sparkling clean to the point of being a phenomenon.

Here is where you will learn about WINE glasses.


Everything else you will find by using Google. Turn yourself into an expert. Someday, you could easily be the manager of the restaurant. If you start as a best dishwasher in the state, you will become manager without fail.

I am going to teach a few more things that I have noticed in restaurants. Waitresses (some) set the tables by picking up the forks and spoons by the tines and the bowls. That means they touched the forks and the spoons where we put the food in our mouths. They do it in front of the customers. Please KILL ME. You must never touch the tines of the forks or the bowls of the spoons. You must only pick up the cutlery by the handles. One more thing. Only take CLEAN hot towels into the restaurant to clean the tables. Also, clean the EDGES of the tables. That is where most children slather on the grease and jams and jellies. When the customers lean forward to speak to one another, the jams and jellies and grease and syrups get onto their clothing and virtually ruin their day. It is YOU who must clean the edges of the tables as well as the top of the tables. What else must you clean on the tables? I will now tell you. Do you see the BBQ sauce on the table? Do you see the steak sauce? Do you see the catsup bottle? Do you see the Hot Sauce? Guess what? They have the contents slathered all over the bottle. You must CLEAN those bottles with yet another clean cloth. Don't use the same cloth you used to clean the tables. Use a clean cloth because it does not transfer the crapola from the table onto the bottles. Also clean the salt and pepper shakers.

When you finally become a SERVER you have a lot of things to learn so begin learning it all now. I will give you just a few things to get you started.

As every parent knows, when a child’s blood sugar level gets too low, they become irritable. It happens to adults too but children can be particularly susceptible and can’t always articulate how they are feeling. The solution is simple. Give them something — almost anything– to eat right away. When a family has to wait for a table, a quick simple snack — even cracker or a piece of bread — can make all the difference and when the family sits at the table, always ask the parent (not the child) if they would like you to bring something right way for the little boy or girl.

Also pay attention to what your customers are doing. Watch them closely and make a mental note. Don’t clear dishes until the customer is really finished with them. Always ask the customer if they want their plate taken away. Even an empty plate is still working for a customer. They might still be mopping up the sauce with some bread. ASK before you touch their plates.

And most important, if your customers are having a deep conversation and not the least bit interested in anything else, leave them alone. That is what I mean be WATCHING your customers. Only interrupt them when you can see that they have a break in their conversation (or luncheon meeting).

You are now equipped to pass the interview for a DISH WASHER. Tell the hiring manager how you are going to conduct the job of keeping the dishes super clean and the glasses and cutlery SPARKLING. Memorize the methodology of cleaning those glasses and plates. You must INSPECT each plate and every piece of flatware. Tell them that you are going to do that. You will run into restaurant owners who will object to using too much water to spray on the dishes and glasses before loading into the dishwasher. They are most definitely from the Middle East. Turn around and get out of there. You do not want to work for people who think they must save water over the idea of cleaning the dinner ware and cutlery.

Sorry I meant 12 $ an hour!
Better than not working at all.
I wouldn't, but it depends on what your options are.
if I was hungry enough and had nothing buy food with, yea, something is better than nothing
If it were the only way for me to eat, yes.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride.


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